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A gorgeous looking piece of equipment, a Chemex is another of the pour-over style coffee brewer that is an all-in-one glass piece, with a specially designed filter papers that are folded and placed in the top to create the filter cone.

Although it does produce some good results, I do find the filter papers extremely difficult to rinse out the paper taste from, and would suggest you do several cold water rinses and a couple of hot water ones to make sure its completely gone.

The recipe described below is for the 1-3 cup Chemex. This size actually creates quite a long conical shape coffee bed, which certainly provides some technique difference when pouring and extracting – the main key is to keep centred, and avoid pouring water around the coffee bed, which would prevent a good overall extraction.


  • 1 Chemex (1-3 Cup version)
  • 1 Chemex Filter Paper
  • 1 pouring kettle or jug
  • 1 Hand Grinder (or similar)
  • 1 set of Scales
  • 1 Timer (or your iPhone +/- app of choice)
  • 1 pre-heated cup (to receive the brew)


  • 23g freshly roasted coffee (< 10 days is ideal, ground slightly finer than salt-like particles)
  • 340g Water ~ 94-96 degrees Celsius

Summary of Timing

  • Bloom: 30g water for 40 seconds
  • Pour time: 2 minutes 30 seconds
  • Total Time: ~ 3 minutes 30 seconds


  1. Fold your filter paper as per the instructions on the Chemex filter paper box. Place it into the Chemex and proceed to rinse it with cold water a couple of times, discarding the water each time. Cold is fine now, we will pre-heat and do a final rinse shortly.
  2. Put the kettle on the boil, then weigh and grind your coffee.
  3. Pour boiling water into the Chemex as a final rinse and to preheat prior to brewing. Discard the water.
  4. Tip your ground coffee in, put the Chemex on the scales and zero out.
  5. Begin pouring water in a similar way to Pour Over – about 30g in the centre of the coffee bed, avoiding the edges, and let the coffee bloom for 40 seconds
  6. Continue pouring water, starting in the centre and only making small concentric circles – enough to evenly raise the level of the water to about 0.5cm above the bloomed coffee bed.
  7. Keep the pour slow enough to maintain this level, or alternatively, momentarily stop pouring to let the level drop slightly, then recommence pouring in the centre.
  8. Pour this way until the scales read 340g, then let the last of the water filter through the coffee and into the Chemex
  9. Remove and compost the filter paper and used coffee.
  10. Take your gorgeous coffee and pour out a delicate brew!